Where to start

There is a whole raft of topics and conversations that need to be had, most of which need to happen with your teen or tween. When it comes to prevention, it can often be a daunting task to open a line of communication with your kids.

Our focus is on youth engagement, we aim to ensure that we give you tools and information to help facilitate the conversations in your own home and also find further help if it’s needed.

Substance use among youth

The issue of substance use among youth is one that we see in the media almost every day. The topic  is often difficult to discuss and Sideffect aims to help parents discuss the issues with their children and their wider community.

For more information on how Sideffect can help you or your community, please contact us for more information.

Youth Early Intervention

This is the question on the lips of every parent in Australia at the moment and we believe that the answer is education. When we know better, we have the choice to do better and there is a cultural shift that needs to happen with the new generation. The ongoing effects of substance use can be life changing, we are aiming to get our program delivered in every school in Australia, but we have also developed a parent specific program to help you get the information you need.

Our Sideffect education program for parents is best delivered along side our One Life, One Choice presentation for schools, please reach out if you would like to have our presentation in your local community or school. Contact Us

The education sessions include:


An overview of handling substance awareness with your children and community


How to start the conversation with your own teenagers


What to look for in your child’s behaviour


What to look for in your home


sideffect in your parent group

If you think that our program can benefit a group of parents in your area, please contact us today and we will find a way to accommodate your group with a parent substance awareness education session.