Sideffect was started by our founder, Rodney Bridge, after the death of his beautifully talented and generous son, Preston. Preston died at the age of 16, after taking a synthetic form of LSD in February 2013, during his school ball after party. Following his family tragedy, Rod found out that the LSD substance was made up of 25i-NBOMe as well as a shopping list of other synthetic drugs. Preston lost his life that night based on one choice and had he known what he was taking, he would have made an entirely different decision. Sideffect was born out of that understanding, that our youth need to be educated on substance use and be empowered to make informed decisions, with the help of parents, teachers, and their community.


Our mission is to start a conversation on substance awareness between parents, teachers and Australia’s youth.  What’s in them, what they can do to you, and how they can affect your family and community. Our aim is to enable youth to make informed decisions based on knowledge and awareness, not misinformation and ignorance.

Our goal is to spread this powerful message to every person in Australia.