Confronting, Challenging, Informative and Emotional were the strongest feedback words used by Churchlands SHS students after the Sideffect presentation.  The consensus from student feedback was that this was the best anti-drug message they had ever heard, seen or read.
In the days following the presentation, the school received numerous parent contacts in support of the program.  The consistent message was that for the first time their children came home and talked about drugs and the dangers they represent.  One parent used the term her daughter and friends really “connected” with the presentation and presenters.  For many others, this was the icebreaker and enabled them to have a conversation with their children around drugs and alcohol.

“I highly commend the program to schools and parents.”

Sideffect presents a very powerful, heart wrenching, compelling and confronting insight into the effects of drugs. I believe that this presentation will encourage young people to rethink using drugs and that the presentation has the potential to save young lives.

Thank you for the time you took to come and talk to the year 10 girls at Kolbe Catholic College.

“The presentation has really had an impact on me and has opened my eyes to the danger of drugs that are out there. It has really changed what I think about drugs. I really appreciate that you were able to come and talk to us and hope that you are able to get your message out to more people and make a difference in their lives. Your presentation was inspiring and really made an impact on my life.”

“Thank you for coming to our school and informing us about synthetic drugs. What you told us and showed was very confronting, educational and emotional especially as my mum died from drugs when I was just 11. I think that it is absolutely amazing what you guys are doing and keep it up!!”