Flakka has been on the rise in Australia since 2015. This is the synthetic drug that you may have seen in disturbing news footage reels as a person looks almost possessed in their bizarre behaviour – this is Flakka.

Flakka is typically made from a synthetic amphetamine and is more potent than methamphetamine. It came to fruition in the 1960’s but has made an increasing appearance in Australian street synthetic drug circles in 2015.

Flakka is known as the drug that has the power to change a person’s reality almost instantly. It doesn’t take years or even hours to develop psychotic episodes, this synthetic drug wastes no time in delivering you a new reality – and never a pleasant one. Some common side effects of Flakka use include:

  • Florid Paranoia
  • Disorientation + dissociation
  • hallucinations [usually about being chased or threatened]
  • Massive hyperstimulation
  • Tachycardia (racing heart)
  • Hyperthermia
  • Incoherent speech or shouting
  • Enhanced strength/endurance
  • Socially inappropriate responses – clothes stripping
  • Suicide

Flakka can look like other drugs or even salt! Flakka usually comes as crystalline rocks in white, blue or pink colours. Sometimes the powder is finer and in white or tan. Due to its appearance, it can also be called gravel, bath salts. Or named after its effects – slurry, insanity.

Flakka can be taken via the following methods:

  • Snorted/insufflated
  • Smoked in joints, pipes or vaped through e-cigarettes
  • Swallowed in capsules
  • Injected

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