Ecstasy pills

Ecstasy is commonly known, or thought to be known, to include MDMA. This can be true and what ecstasy is often marketed as, however the real concoction of each ecstasy pill is very different with batches often producing entirely different chemical compounds. They can contain Ketamine (and will be known as K-bombs), or heroin acetone, LSD, amphetamine, caffeine, aspirin … the list can be endless. In this article, published on Noisey by Vice, the list of things that could be in each ecstasy pill is frightening: In Australia, the article states that over 24% of each pill was unknown!

The short-term effects of ecstasy can be feelings of faintness, confusion and paranoia, chills or sweating, muscle tension, impaired judgment, depression, blurred vision, sleep problems, false sense of affection, nausea, severe anxiety, involuntary teeth clenching. The drug can also lead to dehydration, kidney failure, liver failure and death. In the long-term, ecstasy use can cause isolation and extreme mental illness such as depression, anxiety and paranoia. Essentially, this drug can wreak havoc on your brain, causing lasting brain damage and even death.

Just like any other drug, new terms have been coined to refer to the drug. Some common ones for Ecstasy are pingers, bickies, flippers, X, E, eccy, eccies, adam, eve. They are also named by the press image on each pill batch and therefore will change often. Some recent batch names circulating are batmans, mitsubishis, white doves, pink studs, orbits, big browns… this list is ever changing with each new batch.