Synthetic drugs know how to travel

Regional areas of Australia have been struggling with drug abuse for many decades, thanks to additional risk conditions such as isolation and lack of support. The problem we are seeing now is that synthetic drugs are taking hold of entire towns due to their lower cost, their ability to be ordered online and delivered directly to homes, their very addictive nature, and a lack of education.

When regional areas may have previously taken longer to gain access to illicit drugs, the online distribution of synthetic drugs is making it easier to come by and harder to detect.

Wreaking havoc on entire communities

As a synthetic drug culture takes over a regional community, the effects are seen instantly. Regional communities have a knack for being connected and proud of their town, so when these core values are threatened, it is felt almost instantaneously.

We come to you

We have recently run a community drug forum in Busselton, WA, and the response was so overwhelmingly positive that we extended the Sideffect regional tour to more towns in the South West of WA. With real life stories, up-to-date drug information and shocking risks being taken, our educational approach can be confronting but also very memorable. We are here to tell the truth about synthetic drugs and prevent the spread of this epidemic with ways to prevent drug addiction – we believe that the most powerful way to do this is with education.

sideffect at your town

If you would like Sideffect in your town, please contact us today and we will lock in an open forum synthetic drug education session.