Where to start

There is a whole raft of topics and conversations that need to be had, most of which need to happen with your teen or tween. When it comes to prevention, it is a completely different approach than it is for teens that are already engaged in drug abuse.

As an educational organisation, we want to ensure that we are giving you tools and information to help facilitate the conversations in your own home and also find further help if it’s needed.

Drug abuse among youth

The issue of drug abuse among youth is one that we see in the media almost every day. When we think of drug addicts, it almost feels like something so far removed for most families, but regular use of synthetic drugs, even just for weekends or party events, can be drug abuse and lead to long-term side effects. One of the most common side effects is mental illness, most commonly depression, anxiety, and psychosis.

Then there is the chance that one time can lead to death, as you never know what dose of a synthetic drug you are taking. Read more about synthetic drugs and their effects here.

How to prevent teenage drug abuse

This is the question on the lips of every parent in Australia at the moment and we believe that the answer is education. When we know better, we have the choice to do better and there is a cultural shift that needs to happen with the new generation. The ongoing effects of synthetic drugs can be lifelong and can ruin the future plans your child once had for their own life. We are aiming to get our program delivered in every school in Australia, but we have also developed a parent specific program to help you get the information you need.

Our Sideffect education program can be delivered by our Sideffect bus which is fitted out with media and sound technology; therefore, we can come to your community anytime.

The education sessions include:


An overview of this new world of synthetic drugs and their effects


How to start the conversation with your own teenagers


What to look for in your child’s behaviour


What to look for in your home (they look nothing like regular illicit drugs)


sideffect in your parent group

If you think that our program can benefit a group of parents in your area, please contact us today and we will find a way to accommodate your group with a parent synthetic drug education session.