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While we have a strong focus on young people and educating those at the brink of being offered their first drug, there is a wider community issue that is hitting adults. Synthetic drugs in the mining industry and other Australian workplaces is on the rise.

Workers are increasingly seeing synthetic drugs, especially amphetamines, as an acceptable alliance in their careers. The consequences of substance abuse for the individual and the company can be devastating.

No industry is immune

While the association has been made between mining and synthetic drug use, the issue is certainly not confined to any one industry. We are finding more and more that high stress jobs with tight deadlines, lack of work/life balance, and lack of support are leading people to take drugs, particularly of the amphetamine variety, in order to ‘achieve’ the goals that are set for them, or that they may set for themselves.

Lawyers, engineers, hospitality workers, construction labourers, and advertising creatives are just some of the professions that are reporting an increase of synthetic drug use. It can quickly become an accepted workplace culture, spreading like wildfire.


We are bringing our synthetic drug education message to Australian workplaces in an attempt to show employees and employers just how dangerous synthetic drug use is. The after-effects of the abuse usually hit at home and users are left feeling isolated and depressed and/or anxious at the very least. The cycle of sleeplessness and stress can then lead to more drug use to get through the next work day.

Our education program has been adapted to make it very relevant to the corporate environment. The benefits from one session will be powerful and, we believe, necessary for every workplace.


Exceeding OH&S

By engaging with Sideffect, you will be exceeding OH&S standards. We are also in the development stage of our own drug education compliance certificate for all workers.


Opening up the conversation

If there is an issue in your workplace that you know of, education is the first step to opening up the conversation. Reduce the isolation and bring it to the table.


Preventing infiltration

If you think your workplace is immune to this issue then prevention is key. Our memorable presentation will help to keep your employees educated about risks.

sideffect at your workplace

If you think that our program can benefit your workplace, please contact us today and we will lock in a synthetic drug education session